"In the war-torn Sengoku Era...

To save your brother's life, you go to serve at the castle. But...who would await you there but the samurai who would stop at nothing to rule Japan...!

Though both of you know death is waiting...

"I swear to protect you...on my sword, and on my very life itself..."

His hidden charms pull you into a desperate love of warring hearts!

Meet twelve brave samurai with their own passionate desires...

The love stories that will turn the tides of history...all start with you!"

— Official Summary in Samurai Love Ballad Party, summary

Samurai Love Ballad Party is a social game produced by Voltage Inc. It takes place during the Sengoku period of Ancient Japan (the Age of Warring States), and revolves around the main character and a romance between 12 ancient warlords of that time. It is currently available for download on Android and Apple, and there are in app purchases.


Set during the Warring States period, 1467 - 1603, you are a waitress at your family's restaurant. However, one day, your little brother was taken away to be a taster of a lord. Unwilling to let your brother succumb to a possible deadly fate, you take his place, and take his name as "Yahiko." As you do, you end up joining one of the clans that Yahiko was originally supposed to be a poison taster for, and thus, your romance begins.



Oda NobunagaEdit

Known as The Devil's Hand,

Akechi MitsuhideEdit

Known as The Light of Honor,

Sanada YukimuraEdit

Known as The Sword of Japan

Kirigakure SaizoEdit

Known as The Lord Assassin,

Date MasamuneEdit

Known as The One-Eyed Dragon,

Katakura KojuroEdit

Known as The Dragon's Claws,

Toyotomi HideyoshiEdit

Known as The Miracle of Sengoku,

Maeda ToshiieEdit

Known as The Spear of Sengoku,

Tokugawa IeyasuEdit

Known as The Archer of Tokai

Ishida MitsunariEdit

Known as The Fox of Sawayama,

Uesugi KenshinEdit

Known as The God of War,

Takeda ShingenEdit

Known as The Tiger of Kai,